Frustrated with ill-fitting rugs? Do you want better function and comfort for your horse?

Frustrated with ill-fitting rugs? Do you want better function and comfort for your horse?

Ever noticed that your turnout rug doesn't sit as comfortably on your horse as you would like? Perhaps you've found the front closure is tight under the neck when they graze, or it isn't as lightweight and safe as you would like it?

What about when looking for freedom of movement? We often think a shoulder gusset is the solution but are they are in the right place, the right height, or simply don't open (and close!) where they need to to allow the true freedom and comfort that we want for our horses. 

Above are two pain points that we sought to fix with our original, innovative and IP design-protected features, the Boxter Dart and the Field-Safe Front Closure.

The Boxter Dart evolves the simple shoulder gusset into a feature that has been designed by looking at how horses truly move through their shoulder. We wanted the absolute best for our horses and what we had available to us wasn't quite doing it for us. It needed to move with the horse but return to its position and not allow the rug to slip as some others do. By researching saddle fit and how the shoulder moves with and under a saddle we started to see how horse blankets were missing something. 

The Field-Safe Front involves a secure 3-step yet simple system for securely fastening the front of your horse rug with your horse's comfort and safety as the number 1 priorities.  This front closure leaves a smooth front to your rug to help prevent accidents, it is lightweight for the comfort of your horse while being very secure for playful ponies and with the inner bib to ensure complete comfort for your horse at all times.  

There are a couple of ways to close your Field-Safe Front Closure! We'll let you choose;

1)  Close the double connecting clips first, followed by fastening the double overlocking velcro to the front. Lastly, you sweep your hand behind the clips to attach the inner bib to provide your horse complete comfort. 

2) Bring the inner bib across and fasten at the two velcro points, close the double connecting clips in front of the bib and lastly, fasten the overlocking double velcro to the front.


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