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How do promo and discount codes work?

You can use one promo code or discount code per checkout transaction.  Codes cannot be combined.

During a sale campaign, no discount codes or rewards points vouchers will apply to the sale prices. The Rewards program will be paused but we can add your points back afterwards. We're taking a hit to allow the great prices so it comes at a cost.

Gift cards are applicable as are store credit vouchers at all times, except in conjunction with a discount code. 

I'm not sure what bridle size to get?

Depending on whether you are looking at the Rambo Micklem bridle or the PS of Sweden bridle range, there are some different terms used. Typically a Standard Horse in Rambo Micklem is a Full size which is a Size 3 with PS of Sweden.

Some bridle styles may require you to change size but usually we find with a little bit of adjustment, the sizes crossover very well. 

Can I use Goodbye Flys products for more than just repelling flys?

Absolutely, we have actually swapped from our usual choices in shampoo and coat shine and detanglers to just use Goodbye Flys now.  It's such a great product. 

Are your rugs true to size?

Technically yes! However a lot more goes into the actual fit of the rug. Rugs will usually measure the size that they are labelled, most manufacturers will allow a tolerance on either side of that size (e.g. +/-3cm). However, the pattern or style of the rug, type of front closures and placement of darts can all impact the fit of the rug on your individual horse.  Please follow our sizing guide (link in footer of website) for first reference and of course contact us to discuss the different styles and your horse once you have that measurement. 

Do your rugs have leg straps?

Horseware Ireland rugs do not have leg straps (they don't move!). Our Brolga turnout has detachable leg straps. The PS of Sweden fleece rugs do not have leg straps.

There is a 5'9 Amigo Bravo 12 Pony rug and a 5'9 Amigo Bravo 12 rug, what is the difference?

One is a 'normal' rug, one is specifically designed for pony breeds. This means that the Pony style in a 5'9 will be a smaller fit than the 5'9 standard despite the length being the same. 

My horse has big shoulders, should I use the XL pattern from Horseware Ireland?

Possibly you just need to consider following the size guide to measure your horse and maybe consider the style of rug or front closures in use to see what will suit better. The Amigo XL rugs (available in a Turnout (Bravo 12), fly rug (XL Bug Rug) and liner for the turnout (XL Liner) are designed for heavy breeds, not necessarily your big shouldered Warmblood although you may like the fit in which case go for it ;)

What is the difference between Rambo, Rhino, Amigo?

In a broad sense, the features and fits differ between these rugs under the Horseware Ireland brand.

The Rambo turnout fabric is known for its incredible strength in combination with being lightweight and really breathable. The anomaly here is the Rambo Summer Series Turnout which uses a technical sports fabric for the waterproof section to maintain a much higher breathability to make it ideal for fluctuating temperatures (hello Melbourne!) and be able to cope with those summer storms.  You will find lots of beautiful touches to the Rambo rugs and some of the newly launched styles have gorgeous embossed linings and hardware. 

The Rhino Turnout is a unique construction with a tough outer layer and inner waterproof barrier layer. It incorporates a number of Rambo features (check individual styles for their features), and we find it to be a shallower drop and slightly smaller fit than the Rambos.

Amigo comes in Bravo styles (usually 1200d fabric) and Hero styles (either 900d or 600d fabrics). 

Remember to register your 3 year waterproof warranty for your Rambo and Rhino turnouts directly with Horseware Ireland within 90 days of purchase.

How do I wash and care for my rugs?

You can use a washing machine, preferably without an agitator if it's a top loader, on a gentle cycle, absolutely max temp 30 degrees.  Use a waterproof-friendly detergent e.g. Horseware's own Eco Rug Wash, and gentle spin. Drip dry away from a direct source of heat e.g on a line under a carport or in the shed.

You should only wash your turnouts once at the end of the season to preserve your waterproofing integrity. Your other rugs can be washed more often but remember that sometimes a quick hose off for a fly rug that has got a bit clogged with dust is enough to freshen it up.

When storing rugs, keep them in a dry, dark place away from sun, heat and mice! Try not to compress them too much.

When rugs are in daily use, do not leave them on a fence or gate - the more UV and general weather your rug is exposed to when not in use, the more you can affect the longevity of your rug. 

My rug has faded in colour?

Horseware Ireland use environmentally and human friendly dyes which makes them more susceptible to UV damage. We also have more UV in Australia and NZ vs other areas in the world, and we tend to have horses turned out more often for longer periods so rugs get 'stored' at the paddock. Work is being trialled and tested on improving colour fade-resistance with new technologies. Colour fade will not affect the functionality of your rug. 

I need to make a return/exchange?

Please have a read of our returns policy from the link in the footer of our website, where you'll also find a link to the Returns Request Form.

I think my item might be faulty?

Please take some clear images of the issue and the whole item. Send us an email with a copy of your receipt of purchase, the images, the batch number of the item if applicable, and describe what's going on and we'll get it resolved as soon as possible. Check our returns policy for things that don't come under the term 'faulty'. 

What level of UV Protection do the fly rugs and masks give?

UV Percentage rates:

Bugbusters/Bug Rugs/Protectors/Flybusters/Evolutions: 60-70% UV protection
Rambo Hoody, Aussie Allrounder and Aussie Barrier: 90% UV protection
Fly Accessories, Masks: 60-70% UV protection
Mio: 60% UV Protection