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LE Boxter Horse Rugs

This size guide is just that, a guide! There will be some individuality depending on breed/type and build. If your horse measures 195cm we would suggest taking the 6’6 because you are very close to being that size, however if your horse is super narrow build you might find when you get it that you are better with the size down. Likewise if your horse measures 185cm, we would suggest sticking with 6’0 as you are only just over that size and the LE Boxters have some room and flexibility in the chest due to their Field Safe front closure and Boxter Dart.

Key Points for Fitting your LE Boxter Rug:

  • Is your tailcord a hands width from the back of the hamstring? If your tail cord is pulled straight across, it may be too short and not allow enough room when grazing, however if it is hanging so that there is a significant loop/smile in the cord then it’s too long. Aim for a hands width space between the hamstring and the cord and when it’s just hanging it should be barely a ‘smile’. You can shorten the tailord supplied with your Boxter Turnout by popping off the end clip and feeding through the strap to trim to desired length. If in doubt send us an email!
  • Is the binding of your tail flap joining to the rug sitting at the top of the dock? You don’t want this piece of binding sitting up on the rump but you definitely don’t want it hanging down the tail, so as close to the top of the tail is ideal.
  • Are your cross surcingles under the belly done up so that there is just a hands width between the belly and the straps? More than a hands width can lead to the rug moving, these surcingles are designed to help your rug self-correct when your horse rolls particularly enthusiastically! Too short and the belly will not have enough room to expand when lying down or rolling.

As always please reach out to us on hello@leaderequine.com.au if you have any questions about fitting your rug or choosing a size, or DM us via our social channels. You can also call us on 03 8339 9003.

LE Rug Size

CM from centre of chest to point of bum (where you want the rug to finish)























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