Goodbye Flys, an amazing range of organic plant-based grooming products that include a Shampoo & a Show Shine!


Unlike traditional fly sprays, which tend to contain tons of nasty chemicals and strip the horse's skin of important natural oils, Goodbye Flys offer a completely organic, effective one-stop-shop alternative that not only keep flies at bay, but also promotes complete coat health.

6 products found in Goodbye Flys

Good Dogs Organics Shampoo
  • $69.99
Goodbye Flys Horse Shampoo
  • Starts From $69.99
Good Dogs Organics Coat Shine Spray
  • $59.99
Goodbye Flys 6in1 Grooming Spray
  • Starts From $59.99
Goodbye Flys Face Applicator
  • $15.00
Goodbye Flys Microfibre Cloth
  • $10.00