Leader Equine - Our Story

Leader Equine - Our Story

First of all, thank you for coming to read a little more about us! 

Leader Equine has been a journey and an evolving dream for us, and we are very humbled and grateful to share some of that with you.

Leader Equine branding first appeared in public at Equitana 2018, but the story starts long before that.  Owner & Director, Anne Boyce, had worked for the family business Leader Products for a number of years before pursuing her own interests as well as starting and raising a family.

Leader Products began in the late 1950s, with founder & innovator Geoff Dumbrell, Anne's father, designing the very first ever (in the world!) animal identification tag for cattle! Leader Products grew exponentially over the decades and is a stalwart of the Australian agricultural industry and rural way of life.

When Anne was getting back into the family business in the mid-late noughties, she came into contact with Horseware Ireland who were looking for a suitable partner to distribute their huge range of product to the Australian and NZ markets. Starting in an oversized garage, the brand quickly gained loyal customers.  As the Horseware Ireland distributorship continued to grow, in 2014 Sarah Jane Colhoun visited from Horseware Ireland to attend the Adelaide 5* event and Equitana.  The two women quickly found they enjoyed working so closely together and in 2015, Anne brought Sarah Jane officially on board with her, so they could work together to build the business & the brand here. The Horseware Australia trading name began then to solidify for customers a definitive Australian base that they knew they were shopping for their horses from an Australian company and would have pre, during and post purchase support, from the experts themselves. 

As Horseware Australia grew rapidly, Sarah Jane & Anne knew they wanted to expand and develop the business beyond their partnership with Horseware, bringing first TRM, a world-renowned supplement brand and later on, PS of Sweden, a global powerhouse in equestrian fashion. To facilitate these additions, an official rebrand of the company was needed and given the close ties to the family business Leader Products, Leader Equine was born in 2019!

Now with an all-star female team across every aspect of Leader Equine from management, design, customer service and our warehouse, we are thrilled that we are continuing Geoff's legacy of true innovation and design for purpose, with the launch of our Leader Equine Boxter horse rug collection. 

Our design team embody over 35 years of professional experience in the equine industry and in design.  When we sat down to start this project, our first and most important objective was to design for our horse's comfort.  We kept this to the forefront of all our decisions, and challenges (there were quite a few!), and we believe we have met our first objective. Our next objective was to create something new, not for 'newness' sake, but for purpose.  We knew we met that objective when our two biggest features of our rug were both approved with design-protection identities. 

We hope you have enjoyed the journey so far and please come along for the ride as we take Leader Equine on the next stage of its evolution!

Your Horse's Comfort, Our Mission.


The Leader Equine team 

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