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PSOS GP Lacquered Bridle

PSOS GP Lacquered Bridle

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The GP bridle is one of our newest additions to the dressage family. It is a classic dressage bridle designed specifically for sensitive horses. The leather and padding on the noseband are drop-shaped and become wider in the middle of the nose bridge, which helps to distribute pressure. The bridle comes with both dark and white padding so you can choose what suits your horse best.

    The noseband is softly padded and is tightened smoothly with a pullback strap, which is also padded for the horse's comfort. We chose the pullback strap because the padded cushion underneath always remains centered when you tighten the noseband, whether you use the outermost or innermost hole. We have used a drop-shaped design on the noseband, where the widest part is 5.5 cm in size Full. Due to this design, the cheekbones are kept free from pressure and rubbing, and the pressure over the nose bridge is also distributed thanks to its wider shape.
    The area around the horse's neck behind the ears is a very sensitive area with many nerves and ligaments. To relieve pressure from the bridle, we have developed a headpiece that is extra wide. The headpiece is also cut to make room for the horse's ears - all to provide the highest possible comfort. We have also added a larger cutout on top, which evenly distributes the pressure and avoids focusing on one point.
    Our cheekpieces are specially designed to reduce pressure from the neck through our elastic Cradles TM. A "cradles" is an extra elastic band on which the bit should rest. The elastic band is located in the cheekpieces at the bit, but also on our reins. The idea is that they should act elastically and provide a higher degree of comfort for the horse, allowing the bit to "bounce". This should relieve the teeth and jaw from static pressure. Many believe that horses prefer this type of bridle, and that it can therefore be gentler and more horse-friendly than regular bridles and reins. On this bridle, the cheekpieces are round-sewn and also have optional "cradles" with French hooks in the color gun metal, making it easy to disconnect the "cradles" when entering the dressage arena.
    The browband is round-sewn and completely flexible. When the browband arrives, it will be straight so that you can bend it yourself and change its shape for an optimal fit. Today, all our browbands are equipped with a rubberized inside, called "anti-slip", which is intended to keep the browband up and prevent it from slipping down. As if this weren't enough, we also have our beloved Click-It TM function, which makes it easy to remove and replace the browband as needed, even when the horse is wearing the bridle.
    The bridle is approved for competition in all disciplines and within FEI. Remember to buy a chin strap and attach it to your browband, and make sure the vaggas are disconnected during dressage competitions.

Recommended for horses that:
* Are worked in both a bridle and a double bridle
* Are sensitive around the jaw
* Prefer the classic English noseband, which is extra padded here

Please note:
* Throatlatch is not included with the bridle.

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