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PSOS Ocala Bridle

PSOS Ocala Bridle

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The Ocala bridle is specifically designed for use in the hunter discipline. It is a classic bridle with an English noseband without an Aachen strap. The Ocala bridle is therefore suitable for horses that do not like a traditional Aachen strap. The bridle has decorative white stitching with soft padding on the inside to minimize pressure and rubbing. This bridle also has a fixed jaw strap.

We have taken the classic English noseband and ensured that it is well padded to make it as comfortable as possible. The noseband fastens smoothly with a buckle underneath, where the buckle is also covered in soft leather to avoid direct pressure on the jaw and potential rubbing. Decorative white stitching covers the front for an extra finish.

The headpiece is constructed with an air channel over the poll and the highest part of the neck to provide maximum freedom for the neck's sensitive nerve pathways, muscle attachments, and ligaments, all of which attach to the neck. It also has built-up, softly padded edges with anatomical design around the ears. At the top, we also have a cutout to distribute pressure evenly over the entire headpiece.

Our cheekpieces are specially developed to reduce pressure from the neck through our elastic Cradles. A Vagga is an extra elastic band on which the bit should rest. The elastic band is located partly in the cheekpieces at the bit, but also on our reins. The idea is that they should act elastically and provide a higher degree of comfort for the horse, as they should allow the bit to "bounce". This should relieve teeth and jaws from static pressure. Many believe that horses prefer this type of bridle, and that it can therefore be gentler and more horse-friendly than regular bridles/reins.

On this bridle, the Cradles are sewn in place, making it more suitable for jumping, hunter, and eventing, but of course, it is also suitable for dressage riding at home. We have also chosen to use French hooks so that you can easily change the bit as needed.

The browband is softly padded on the inside to avoid rubbing and make it more comfortable. We also have a U-shaped design to avoid pressure on the horse's forehead and eye socket.

The browband has rubber on the inside to ensure that it stays in place even in the toughest conditions. This browband does not have our Click-It design.

Recommended for horses:

  • Who prefer not to have an Aachen strap at the front
  • Who will be trained/shown as a hunter prospect
  • Who are younger and need a comfortable first noseband

Please note:

  • The throatlatch attached to the headpiece is not removable
  • Reins are not included with the bridle and needs to be purchased separately
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