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HW Micklem 2 Multi-Bridle

HW Micklem 2 Multi-Bridle

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The Horseware Micklem® 2 Multi Bridle is a multifunctional bridle with an outstanding anatomical design making it the ideal choice for busy horse riders who expect their tack to deliver on every level!

With quick and easy adjustments, the Micklem® Multi Bridle can be a bridle, lunge cavesson or a bit less bridle, all in one superior bridle design! 

This bridle eliminates any discomfort associated with pressure on the facial nerve network, poll area and ears. Its unique design pays attention to the internal mouth and tongue harmony and eradicates issues such as numbness to the lower half of your horse's face caused by pressure. Low fitting dropped nosebands can be associated with discomfort and, in some cases, breathing restriction. However, this bridle's arrangement considers the danger and trigger zones of your horse's face to present a bridle that champions comfort and an anatomical design with beautiful aesthetics. 

It comes with tongue protection clips, bit straps, curb groove strap and three strength levels, including a more substantial bitless strap option.

A versatile bridle that can do three jobs in one beautiful design.

The Micklem 2 Multi-Bridle is reinforced (unlike the other Micklem 2 Competition bridles) to allow riding bitless in 3 ways, 1- side-pull, 2 -cross under jaw with side pull or 3- over poll with side pull.

It encompasses a cavesson ring on the noseband to allow for lunging.

You can also use the bit straps to still attach a bit for the days you want to ride with a bit. Tongue protection clips (or bit clips) are used to lift the bit in the mouth to reduce how much you can pull back on the bit, effective for young horses or inexperienced riders to reduce chances of unpleasant experience. 

Please bear in mind that all horses may need schooling and education to bring them from riding with a bit to riding bitless.  

- PONY - 11.00 hands (103 cm) wide head to 14 hands (143 cm) small head
- SMALL HORSE - 14 hands (143 cm) wide head to 16.0 hands (163 cm) small head

- LARGE COB - 14 hands (143 cm) chunky head or big cheek bones to 16 hands (163 cm) chunky head or big cheek bones
- STANDARD HORSE - 16.00 hands (163 cm) wide head to 17.0 hands (173 cm) small head
- LARGE HORSE - 16.2 hands (168 cm) wide head onwards

Washing instructions

  • Before you use a new leather product for the first time, make sure you oil it thoroughly. Oiling tack makes it supple and prevents it from drying out and cracking or breaking during use. After an initial cleaning, follow regular wash instructions.
  • Care for your leather regularly with a damp sponge and saddle soap to retain a soft, solid leather. It is essential for leather care and must be used liberally, always before hydrating the leather with a conditioner.
  • Use warm water to dampen a sponge. Squeeze any excess water out of the sponge before using it. Wipe down all the pieces of the bridle to remove sweat, dirt and grease. Allow the leather to dry naturally before applying saddle soap. This will help to remove any stubborn dirt or grease left over.
  • Pay particular attention to cleaning areas of your bridle that are typically under pressure during riding and exposed to saliva, such as bit straps, bottom back strap, and reins where they come in contact with bit.
  • It is recommended that you regularly apply conditioner. Completely dismantle your bridle when applying conditioner and apply with a soft cloth or sponge. Apply the conditioner once you have cleaned your leatherwork with saddle soap.

Storage instructions

  • Once clean and dry, reassemble your bridle and loop reins through top back strap for storage.
  • A climate-controlled environment is best for tack. Dry heat will make leather brittle, while humidity can cause it to mould and mildew.
  • Storing your bridle in a fleece lined bridle bag will help prevent moisture.
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