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Epona Maxi Grooming Kit

Epona Maxi Grooming Kit

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Time to snaffle yourself the ultimate grooming kit by Epona! The Maxi Grooming Kit contains EVERYTHING Epona that we have, into one amazing kit;

1 x Quilted Cloud Cloth

1 x Shed Express

1 x Queen's Mane & Tail Brush

1 x Power Shower Sponge

1 x Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer

1 x Tiger's Tongue Scrubby Cloth

1 x Tacknology Advanced Tack Sponge

1 x Flexible Glossy Groomer Curry

1 x Mighty Muck Hoof Pick in Black

1 x Shed Flower 

Epona make some of the best, cool and quirky, grooming items for your horses! 

The Quilted Cloud Cloth is super soft, super absorbent and perfect for delicate faces & places.

The Shed Express is a super tool for adding extra oomph to your de-shedding and can work on your dogs, not just the horses!

Queen's Mane & Tail Brush might seem to good to be true when you read all the 5* reviews but those are all genuine from customers who tried it, loved it, recommend it, most of them bought more! You will love this brush for the ease with which it brushes out knotty and thick manes and tails, with so much less breakage. If you have long hair you might like it for yourself!

The Power Shower Sponge combines a super absorbent sponge side with the scrubbing cleaning power of the Tiger's Tongue on the other side - the must-have sponge for bath time ESPECIALLY for those greys, whites, cremellos! No purple shampoo needed ;)

The Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer is a body brush, dandy brush and face brush rolled into one and better than any - removes mud, dust, dander and even STAINS! Use it dry all the time, and wet when you want to really get a good scrub on.

The Tiger's Tongue Scrubby Cloth is your finishing off tool - wipe down to remove any last dust or hair, gentle enough to rub over the face and ears, a last minute fixer before your show class. 

The Tacknology Advanced Sponge simple cleans tack better! Dampen this little wonder sponge with warm water, use a small amount of glycerin saddle soap IF desired and then apply the sponge over your tack. Rinse and repeat until your sponge is clean! Will also clean bits & buckles too.

The Flexible Glossy Curry for currying your horse's back because it's so good for them and you can do it with ease and comfort now with this super flexible little curry and it doesn't grab hair and pull at the skin but breaks up dirt and loose hair while massaging! 

The Mighty Muck Hoof Pick in Pink is super cute, easy to grip and the strong lever action by the pick end gets all the dirt out of those hooves with ease.

The Shed Flower is your cookie-cutter lightweight super de-shedder! easily grasped in one hand, move it in straight lines with direction of hair or in circles and watch that hair come off with ease. You'll be making mini-horses out of the hair that comes off in no time!

Mini and Midi grooming kits also available.


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