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Equi-Zen Horse Calmer Set

Equi-Zen Horse Calmer Set

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From Goodbye Flys comes the new Equi-ZEN Horse Calming Set!

This includes the Equi-ZEN Box with Gel Bar

 - a scented, portable, non-electric, horse calmer - suitable for your stable or horse box and when staying away at shows. Attach it to somewhere your horse is comfortable standing initially (such as near their hay) while they learn to associate the scent with relaxing and comfort.  They will learn to go to it and when its used during travel or when away, they'll find comfort and relaxation from the unique combination of essential calming scents. 

The Equi-ZEN Applicator:

- an FEI compliant scented liquid applicator to be used outside of the nostrils, around the muzzle.

Your set comes complete with 2 x Equi-Zen Gel Bars which equates to 2 months supply (if you are not using it every day, zip lock bag over the gel bar to seal in and this will prolong your use further), plus your Bar Box to place the gel bar in for use and the cables ties to attach it to your desired location. 

You also get 2 x Equi-Zen Applicators - these are pre-filled with the Equi-Zen Liquid and are designed to be applied around the nostrils and muzzle. Depending on amount of use, this equates to approx 2-3 months supply. 

Please read the instructions that come with your kit for setting up and prior to first use for the Gel Bar and the Liquid Applicators. 

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