Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ireland History

Horseware Ireland is the leading branded producer of equestrian and pet products including rugs, therapeutics, and accessories, as well as a range of performance and casual clothing for men, women, and children. Founded in 1985 by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, Horseware Ireland has grown to employ over 700 people, with facilities in Ireland, North Carolina, Cambodia and China. Horseware Ireland manufactures all their own rugs and go further than anyone else to create breakthrough equestrian products for riders to have the best possible experience with their horse.

Leader Equine is proud to partner with Horseware Ireland as their official distributor in Australia. 

Horseware Ireland Rug Range


Horseware Ireland’s Rambo Original revolutionised the equine industry with the introduction of Ballistic Nylon over 30 years ago and is now sold all over the world, renowned for its quality, durability and longevity. The iconic Rambo ® original turnout was a revolution in the design, fit and quality of horse rugs. The original Rambo ® turnout continues to be produced in Ireland and the company has won numerous awards for its groundbreaking innovative products.

Nylon 66 is significantly stronger than the more commonly used nylon 6. In addition, the thermobonded fiberfill resists compression, thereby maintaining its loft and thermal capacity. Horseware Ireland’s fiber is also manufactured from 80% recyclable material highlighting Horseware Ireland’s commitment to the environment.


The Rhino range has become known for its unparalleled strength and sophistication and recognised by its trademark cheque design. Horseware Ireland’s Rhino range is made of 1000D Polypropylene, paired with Aquatrans technology - a technical layer which enables the fabric to breathe, whilst also allowing incredible water pressure resistance (waterproofness). This results in an impenetrable and unbeatable exterior.


Horseware Ireland’s Amigo range is manufactured from industry standard polyesters in varying deniers and are offered in 600D ripstop, 900D and 1200D.

The Amigo range is one of Horseware Ireland’s most popular ranges due to the great quality, dependability and waterproofness at an affordable price. There are a huge range of styles with a variety of new product updates and colour additions being added each year. Colour updates & accessories range to complete the range

Amigo Bravo 12

The Amigo Bravo 12 key features are: the outer shell which is made from a 1200D or denier polyester; leg arches for ease of movement; reflective strips for visibility; secure surcingles; liner loops; 210D polyester lining with silk touch feel and shine enhancing properties, and; 3 different front closure system choices to suit any horse requirements.

Amigo Hero 900

The Amigo Hero 900 has an outer shell made from a 900D or denier polyester, leg arches for ease of movement, reflective strips for visibility, secure surcingles, 210D polyester lining with silk touch feel and shine enhancing properties and two different front closure system choices to suit the horse’s requirements (classic and disc front closure systems). This outer shell is one of the toughest, strongest polyesters on the market.

Amigo Hero 600 Ripstop

The Amigo Hero 600 ripstop is a 600D or denier polyester with a ripstop weave incorporated which results in incredible tensile or strength properties compared against its marketplace contemporaries. This style offers incredible, affordable strength and waterproofing for you and your horse.

Additional key features of the Amigo Hero 600 ripstop include leg arches for ease of movement, reflective strips for visibility, secure surcingles, 210D polyester lining with silk touch feel and shine enhancing properties and two different front closure system choices to suit your horse’s requirements (classic and disc front closure systems).


The Micklem ® bridle, the original ergonomic bridle by Horseware Ireland, launched to market back in 2007. The concept was years in the making by the much-respected coach, trainer, and horseman of the industry, William Micklem. His passion and determination to deliver a bridle that would make the horse more comfortable whilst riding, pioneered a more humane approach in the way bridles fit horses. Horseware Ireland’s CEO, Tom MacGuinness, saw the potential in what the Micklem ® bridle would bring to a horse’s wellbeing and the pair embarked on this incredible product journey together.


Horseware Ireland is dedicated to making life better for horses and riders. Their therapy lines of Ice-Vibe®, Sportz-vibe® and Rambo® Ionic are made to do just that. Used before competition or exercise to help prevent injury, and afterwards to speed recovery, Horseware Ireland’s therapy range is trusted for care and repair. Ice-Vibe® Circulation Therapy is a combination of cooling and massage therapy to effectively process inflammation whilst stimulating repair of ligaments and tendons, allowing for a faster recovery. Ice-Vibe® boots are designed to gently cool the tissue to reduce swelling, but not remove inflammation completely. Sportz-Vibe® Therapeutic Massage Therapy is a lightweight, portable, and non-invasive therapy to stimulate lymphatic clearance and reduce muscle tension whilst ensuring not to over-work the horse’s muscles. It targets a range of treatment areas including the neck, shoulders, centre back, and hind quarters. Rambo® Ionic Negative Ion Therapy is a non-invasive, measurable way to improve health. Negative ions are absorbed into the bloodstream optimising blood oxygen intake and improving blood flow to muscles, cells and tissues.