Mostly no fill rainsheets in a variety of styles and colours for keeping the rain and wind off when you don't need added warmth. Some with Liner System compatibility so you can quickly and securely add that extra warmth with a Horseware Liner, and some with 50g-100g fill for Spring/Autumn weather.

12 products found in Lightweight Waterproof Rugs

Rambo Optimo Turnout w/400g Liner
  • $649.00


Rambo Optimo Turnout Lite (Rug Only)
  • $499.00
  • $475.00
Amigo Hero 900 Plus Lite 0g
  • $199.99

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Rhino Wug Turnout Lite 100g
  • $199.00
Amigo Bravo 12 Pony Plus Lite
  • $189.99
Amigo Hero Ripstop Plus Lite 0g
  • $179.99
Amigo Hero ACY Turnout Lite 50g DiscFront
  • $169.99
Amigo Hero ACY XL Lite Showerproof
  • $159.99
Rhino Pony Wug Turnout Lite 0g
  • $149.99
Amigo Hero ACY Turnout Lite
  • $149.99
Amigo 3in1 Competition Sheet
  • $139.99
Amigo Hero6 Petite Plus Turnout 0g
  • $134.99