Our biggest sale to date!

Some important info for you before you shop up a storm!

1) some items are due to arrive during the weekend of the sale and the week after the sale (thank you Covid...)  We've included them in the sale to give you the biggest choice available but it does mean some orders will not dispatch until approx December 8th. 

2) we will endeavour to dispatch orders as quickly as we can but we can't be responsible for delivery times after dispatch, please don't rely on items arriving for Xmas just in case! All orders are dispatched with tracking information emailed to you.

3) orders will be dispatched in numerical order (except in the cases where we are waiting for some items to arrive, if you've ordered a mix we'll wait for all items to be in stock before dispatch).

4) we cannot combine orders if you have placed more than 1 order. 

5) check your order, check it again, and check one last time before you pay! when it's super busy during sale periods, we cannot facilitate order changes. 

6) check our returns policy so you're up to speed with how we do things.

Now, enjoy xx

153 products found in Black Friday Sale!

PSOS Base Layer Vicky, Scarlet
  • $119.99
PSOS Grooming Bag Deluxe, Wine
  • $175.00
PSOS Brushing Boots Anthracite Set 4
  • $149.99
PSOS Brushing Boots Wine Set 4
  • $149.99
PSOS Brushing Boots Moss Set 4
  • $149.99
PSOS Double Bridle Paragon
  • $679.99
PSOS Knitted Hat Samantha Anthracite
  • $69.99

Sold out

PSOS Knitted Hat Samantha Wine
  • $69.99
PSOS Jacket Gina, Black
  • $239.99
PSOS Winter Coat, Vanessa, Deep Sapphire
  • $399.99
PSOS Fly Hat Navy
  • $74.99
PSOS Jacket Mila, Anthracite
  • $259.99
PSOS Jump Saddle Pad, MOSS, Monogram
  • $139.99
PSOS Jacket Gina, Moss
  • $239.99
PSOS Cap Deborah, Moss
  • $69.99
PSOS Belt Angel, Moss
  • $99.99
PSOS Jump Saddle Pad, Scarlet, Monogram
  • $139.99
PSOS Jacket Mila, Scarlet
  • $259.99
PSOS Jump Saddle Pad, White/Navy PRO
  • $169.99
PSOS Jump Saddle Pad, White/Black PRO
  • $169.99
PSOS Jump Saddle Pad, Grey PRO
  • $169.99
PSOS Jump Saddle Pad, Black PRO
  • $179.99
PSOS Dressage Saddle Pad, White/Navy PRO
  • $169.99
PSOS Dressage Saddle Pad, Navy PRO
  • $169.99